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5 Star Casinos

At 5 Star Casinos, we believe in quality.

In lieu of handing out 5 Star awards to online casinos directly, we think it’s much more effective if we promote the best online casino out there on this site. And how – you might ask – do we determine which of the online casinos are the “best”, per se?

That’s easy: quality.

Quality casino games, quality customer care, quality incentives such as varied bonuses and promotions, quality payment processing – these are just a few of our favorite quality things. Not to mention the importance of a secure casino download so you feel safe playing your online slots.
Across this site, we’ve divvied up the bucket load of quality into easily digestible tidbits. You’ll find a page devoted to quality casino games, such as poker, blackjack and certain online slots. We’ve got a page listing out quality US player friendly online casinos. Ditto for a specific section of quality online poker rooms. We also have a section devoted to quality bonuses and promotions.

I have a friend who is a devoted slots player. He loves all sorts of slots, but particularly likes At many online slot US casinos, progressive slots and the jackpots that are offered. So with his needs in mind we are adding specifically a US slots directory along with out regular land based and online casinos directories. I know that there will be others out there wanting casino directories specific to other games. We will get around to offering such directories. Please be patient all you poker, roulette, table games, and specialty game players.

So, if you happen to value quality as we do, we think you’ll find lots to love here at Casino 5 Stars. At least we hope so….

Fancy a free slots download? Look no further than the incomparable 888 casino. Here you can enjoy no download slots at the world’s premier online casino giant. This is gambling at its best. Or cruise the directory at and find the best online slots US and play to your heart’s content.

You will be sure to enjoy all aspects of the game play. There are several areas you can enter & they seem to keep all of them operating at speed. You will not find a major slowdown when moving around from game to game or from table to table as you do in some sites who do not maintain the infrastructure necessary to operate a large gaming site such as this. You will also find that there are great bonuses and incentives not only for trying out the site but on regular occasion. If you play for long you are sure to feel the benefit one promotion or another. Don’t forget that it is just great to sit down at a table and enjoy a nice game at the end of the day without any unexpected issues coming up. Without loading problems or errors. I even seem to enjoy the other people playing and it is nice to enjoy the social aspect of the game as well.

We look forward to seeing you out there because not only do we recommend this site but we are users. I have looked for better rooms while I continue to keep an eye out for specials and promos but once I find a room I may want to enter I do a search to see where the previous members stand on it.